What kind of dresses are there for the woman and for which occasions?

It is great to have beautiful and fashionable clothes. However, it is just as important to be able to use them at the right time and in the right way. It would look very weird to see a woman wearing a long beautiful party gown inside a pool. In this same vein, it would look weird to a see a woman who is not a swimming instructor wear a bikini to her secretary job in a multinational firm or any organization for that matter. There are different kinds of dresses for women and some of these dresses have the occasions they are meant for.

Formal dresses

Formal dresses are the type of dresses that women wear to work. They are usually simple, classy and make it easy for them to carry their work. Just like formal clothing for men, women also have their kind of suit that is great for official purposes. The suit could come alongside a skirt or a plain trouser. However, wearing a long sleeve shirt well tucked in a skirt or plain trouser is also nice formal wear for women. There are also lovely official gowns that women can wear to work as well. It is possible for women to get formal wears from online fashion retailers after taking the time to read all about online retailers here before patronizing them.

Casual wears

There are also casual wears that women could also have. They can put on these casual wears when they are relaxing at home or when they are going out with friends. Casual wears are also great for a get-together party. There are also organizations that allow their staffs to put on casual wears on Friday. Casual wears for women could include a skirt or trouser with a t-shirt, a bum short or other types of simple and general clothing. There are also some skirts and tops styles that pass more for casual wears than for formal wears. Jean bottoms and tops are also a very popular type of casual wears, even though jean trousers are slowly finding its way into being accepted informal environments.

Evening and party dresses

Evening and party dresses are another type of clothing that women must have. This kind of dresses is great for attending evening official parties, your friend’s wedding party or other types of official and unofficial events that require you to look elegant. You will see a lot of these kinds of dresses on celebrities when they grace red carpets among many other instances. They are available in different styles of colors. In some cases, they might also have a low neck to expose some cleavage and a slit up all the way to the thighs, if you are looking for something to make you feel sexy.


Going to the pool or beach is a great way to relax, spend time together with a loved one, attend a party or organize a party. When you go to a pool or beach, the right type of clothing to wear is a bikini or something similar. There are different types of bikinis as not every lady might be okay with a pant and bra type of bikini. If this is the case, you can opt for other types of bikini that cover a significant part of your body.

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