What Are The Best Ways To Use A Washing Machine

To use any electronic machine, you need to learn the right way to do it. Same applies to washing machine. This machine is commonly used in almost every household. Using the right ways to wash your clothes in a machine can make the process far more efficient and economical.

Ensure proper usage of your washing machine

About 95% of the power consumed by a washing machine is used in heating the water. So, if you pay attention to this factor, you can save a good amount of money. Samsung is world’s No. 1 company in electronic brand. All its electronic devices ensure heightened safety, efficiency, comfort and service to its users.

  • Pre-washing of clothes constitutes nearly 15 percent of water consumption. So, if you avoid pre-washing your clothes, you can save energy. People who have to deal with very dirty laundry can make use of laundry balls. These balls mix the laundry and enhance the overall washing efficiency.
  • It is recommended to wash at around 30° temperature. This is appropriate in most of the cases and is quite gentle on the clothes. If you prefer washing your clothes at a lower temperature, then select a liquid based Their dissolved nature makes it quite more effective.
  • Give preference to economical eco programs that constitute 30% to 45% of power saving.
  • If you find that your clothes are not very dirty, then you can even use the ‘quick’, ’15 minutes’ or ‘express’ program. The short time period duration of this program offset the power consumption.


Load the drum in full capacity

For efficient washing, manufacturers of washing machines, advise to load the drum to its full capacity.

Use the detergent in right amounts

The type and amount of detergent that you use in your washing machine does have an impact on the type of cleaning that you wish to achieve. Use the detergent as recommended by the manufacturer. Not using adequate quantities of detergent can cause harm to your machine. Nowadays you can also find eco-friendly detergent in powder/ tablets and liquid form. These detergents provide the best cleaning and save the environment from pollution.

If your clothes are not very much dirty, then you can try using soapnuts. These are basically fruits that are derived from the Koelreuteria paniculata tree. Adding a little amount of essential oil to the detergent will get you the best cleaning. If you are using a rapid or half-load program, then use precise dose of powder or liquid detergent in place of a tablet detergent.

Use the machine at the correct time

To save money on your use, prefer to operate your machine at night or weekends. This way you will enjoy reduced tariff.

Put your solar water heater in good use

People who have solar heater at their home, can connect it to their washing machine and save between 25 – 70% of power easily.


So, these are some of the best tips that are sure to optimize the use of your washing machine.

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