Vital Things You Need To Know About Maid Insurance

If you talk about a family, maid insurance is required for the person who runs the household who is treated as your domestic helper. Without the hard work of such a person, the dishes would go unwashed, toilets would start to stink and then your kids could get into some trouble when you are away. So they are as crucial as our family members. Because of them, our home remains clean or else sometimes or the other any of the members of the family may get sick. So they are as important as the other family members and we need to take care of them too and for taking care maid insurance is a necessary plan to be chosen for them so that it can fulfill all their needs. On the other hand, if you are having any domestic helper or are planning to employ someone, then maid insurance is something every employer needs to buy it. You have to decide what covers you need to include and what the requirements of your domestic helper are.

Choosing and opting for maid insurance provides benefits to both the employer and the employees as the employee gets the direct benefit of it and the employer gets an indirect benefit as they don’t have to pay a lump sum amount when the actual expenses are incurred. Most of the people around the world have no idea of what maid insurance is all about and what it offers you, so which should be a shame for them as it also points out that they don’t even have that idea to make a claim even when they are entitled to do so. So we are here to give you some basic ideas about what maid insurance is.

What is Maid Insurance?

Maid insurance is a type of insurance that protects your domestic worker from paying out larger amounts of money if any illness or injury falls upon them.

If you check out the most popular insurance provider like HL Assurance Singapore, you will be able to try to figure out the difference between normal maid insurance plans and the plans provided by this well-known insurer. You need to decide what to choose and for whom to choose and before that you need to do the adjustment with your budget that you want to invest in this type of insurance for the betterment of your workers. It is also important for you to know that most of the insurers will provide you insurance plans which will include the only components that are required by law and also some insurers will provide you with some extra benefits and will also offer a customized selection of other types of coverage.

What does Maid Insurance Cover?

Maid insurance covers ample varieties of coverage which depends upon the packages and premium you pay for. Some of the major coverage which is covered is:

  • Hospitalization: If your worker gets injured or falls sick or lands to the hospital you can claim it if hospitalization coverage is included in your package. So it is a good thing that your maid will be provided with hospitalization benefits and surgical expenses too, and you can make a claim of it if something happens to them and you need not empty your pocket at all. Insurance will cover all the expenses of the treatment of the workers and medical expenses and will enable the employer to send their domestic worker for a medical checkup whenever necessary as many of them fear the expensive bill amount. So no need to worry about the coverage.
  • Outpatient Treatment: Maid insurance not only includes hospitalization expenses but also it includes all the covers for outpatient surgery and other treatment. In short, it means that if your maid visits a hospital and is not warded, then also the medical bills can be reimbursed by the insurance company. But you need to keep in mind that outpatient expenses are usually claimable if the injury is due to an accident.
  • Repatriation: If your maid dies or is permanently disabled, some insurance plans will provide a separate payout so that you can look after them. These costs can seem to be expensive to you if it is not included in your plan.
  • Wage compensation: Some maid insurance policies will pay you a small daily allowance per day if your maid is hospitalized or unable to work. This is meant to compensate you for your domestic helper’s wages.
  • Alternative Help: Some plans also provide you with the daily payouts for choosing an alternative to your domestic worker when she is hospitalized.

All this information may help you know much about what maid insurance is all about. Else you can find the best policies by contacting HL Assurance Singapore.

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