Tips to select the best brokers in India

So it is your time to make the first investment in stock market. This is for what you search for the service of the best stock broker in India. What are you waiting for? Just start the search by googling top ten stock brokers in India…! Yes, this is how large numbers of investors find their stock brokers. So, got the list of top brokers. What is next? How can you pick best among the best? Here is where most of the investors twist their toes. There are several tricks used by the firms to invite investors to open the account including free account, free trading etc. hiding the real costs. Here are important tips to select the best broker in India.

Free doesn’t mean totally free

Most of the stockbrokers in India offer you with free services. This doesn’t mean that they provide the complete range of services at free of cost. When some firms provide free account opening, some other provide free trading. Yes, Top 10 Stock broker in India has formulated these different account plans or trading plans to help the investors in selecting the right one that better suit the investing requirements and expectations. Hence it is your task to have a deep study of the different brokerage plans offered by different brokers and to select the best.

Transaction limit

Most of the free account provides a limited number of trading for the prescribed period of time. If you are an occasional investor, then it is best to get the services of discount brokers who help you with free account opening and limited numbers of transactions at minimal cost. If you are a frequent investor, then it is better to open the account with a full-service broker where you will be provided with unlimited transactions at affordable commissions or cost per trade.

Account maintenance cost

This is another important factor to check with the leading stock brokerage firms in India. There are two types of accounts including brokerage account and demat account. Some of the discount and full-service brokers offer free annual maintenance cost for these accounts when others charge some amount as account maintenance cost. Some brokers charge cost for opening a brokerage account and provide free maintenance for the demat account and vice versa. Hence check for the cost collected by leading firms for each of the services to make your account opening really profitable.

Feedbacks and reviews

This is the most effective and simple technique or tip to find the best brokers. There are several online trading review forums where you can find the feedbacks and reviews posted by the real investors about the service quality of different brokerage firms. Since these are made by the real investors, this guide you a lot in selecting the Top 10 Stock broker in India. Now, no more need to simply sit with eyes stared at the Google report. Now you better know the tips to select the best broker among the best.

Open your trading account and start exploiting the amazing profit making portfolios of the stock market.

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