Things You Must Consider Before Buying Rings – Read The Tips!

You are swept straight into the world of wedding planning with many to-dos, like choosing wedding bands, on your list after you get engaged. Picking your Etrnl dream match can seem a little overwhelming, with so many wedding band styles to choose from. Before beginning your quest, consider these helpful tips.

  • Shop Earlier than Usual: Don’t wait until your wedding day is done! Start searching early for wedding bands, so you’ve got enough time to find just what you’re looking for. Plus, you can save up for the rings of your dreams, get them sized, and even have them etched by taking a head start.
  • Build a Spending Plan: Make sure to think about how much you want to set aside for your wedding bands as you sit down to plan your wedding expenses. Bands can range from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks. It would be easier to list down the options by choosing how much you will spend before you shop.


  • Consider thinking about the different metals: Do you want silver, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, or mixed metals? Do you want various metals? In addition to common alternative metals such as titanium and cobalt, men’s bands have these choices, too. If you have an active lifestyle, these alternative metals are an excellent option, and durability is a primary factor in your decision. Platinum is also a perfect choice for someone who does not want to think about their ring’s upkeep.
  • Collaborate with Your FiancĂ©: Speak to your jeweler about matching sets if you want your wedding band to suit his band perfectly. If you have a very different taste and enjoy a rose gold band when he wants black titanium, that’s all right too! Discussing the alternatives will help both of you find rings that you both enjoy.
  • Consider the future: A trendy and fashion-forward alternative could catch your eye when shopping for wedding bands. While newer styles are great for some, if your tastes change regularly, you might be better off choosing a more traditional style.
  • Switch Things Up: Don’t worry if you like platinum and you like yellow gold for your girlfriend. No law says that you have to pick the same metal or even theme. The trick to choosing something you both love is to select wedding bands that match your unique styles. You can compromise with braided bands that combine the two metals or just be completely different.
  • Take into account the maintenance: You will need to wash and soak it in warm, sudsy water to keep a wedding band with stones clean and shining, then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush or eyebrow brush, rinse it and pat it dries with a soft cloth free of lint. Does that sound like too much maintenance? Rub it with a smooth, lint-free cloth, and you’re good to go. You might want to pick a fuss-free gold or platinum ring.

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