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Briefing on Mozaic

Mozaic is a social networking brand based and operational in Hong Kong that is aimed at improvising the social life of the middle age to aged individuals via its social gatherings and events and thus help them in enhancing their social circles. The basic goal of the forum is to aid the like-minded individuals in meeting each other and bonding over their common interests and personal experiences. With this, the article further throws light on the same and mentions in detail about its various aspects, more of which can be studied from

The features

The following are the basic features of Mozaic Club that have given it quite a big reputation amongst mature residents of Hong Kong: –

  • Has a well maintained and sleek e-club over which the members are added and allowed to search for the different people easily based on their common interests and experiences
  • Follows an organic process where the people chatting in the e-club can meet offline and face-to-face at various different events held by the networking forum in different parts of the cities
  • Deals with a large group of members of different national backgrounds who come together in these events and share their experiences with each other for further processing of their bonding
  • Allows discussion of majorly family and personal life issues amongst the matured citizens of Hong Kong to help in easy finding of the requisite solutions for these problems

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Beginning with the experience

The following are the basic steps that need to be followed in order, to begin with the networking experience from Mozaic: –

  • Visit the official website of Mozaic club and click on the link for new registration.
  • Complete the registration form where basic details are asked and click on proceed option to enter into the payment gateway.
  • Pay the lifetime membership fee to complete the payment process and finalize the registration on the forum.
  • A confirmation mail would be sent that would confirm on the entire process of account opening.
  • The details of account activation would be mentioned in the mail and those can be used to complete the formalities for becoming an e-club member.

Contacting the members

Once an individual becomes a member of the e-club, communication gets quite easier for him or her and the following are some of the methods for the same: –

  • Via the social calendar of the group where all of the social events organized by the e-club are posted and thus the participants can confirm their availability easily
  • Via the Notice Board feature where one can easily post a message for others to begin a healthy discussion
  • Use a personal messaging system to privately ping any of the members in the group

Thus, networking has indeed been re-defined by the e-club and any queries on the same can easily be answered on

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