The different variations of pregnancy test tools and methods of usage

Pregnancy tools are by far the most important tool a woman can possess to ascertain the pregnancy which may occur without prior planning or quite extensive knowledge. These kits are specially designed to suit the needs of the women who would be using it and are made as simplified as possible to facilitate smoother operation and ease of access.

There are different types of pregnancy tools depending on the nature of operation they perform to confirm pregnancy. The different types are as follows:

Card based kit:

This is one of the most used pregnancy tools due to the inexpensive nature and the associated value it brings to the fore. Though the kit is quite inexpensive in comparison to the other tools in the current market, the accuracy is quite commendable to a level of up to ninety percent. The time duration requires for the confirmation of results takes up to five minutes. Once failed, the test may be again sought after a time frame of 24 hours. The mode of operation is pretty simple. Urine requires to be poured on the card and one needs to watch the occurrence of lines on the card for confirmation. A purple of pink line is the definite sign of a failed test. This therefore can be backed up by the re-take of the urine test once more after 24 hours and proceed the similar process as done previously.

pregnancy tools

Strip based kit:

This is another extremely popular choice to assess the status of pregnancy in women all across the globe. The kit comes with dedicated area where urine needs to be dropped or accumulated for a pre-defined time frame and then the colouration on dedicated windows has to be viewed to assess the relevant status. Droppers are often the mostly used modes to be employed in this case as it is easy to collect and drop urine with a dropper. However, quite often these strips come with dedicated options to urine directly on the target area to ascertain the pregnancy status as required.

Directly exposable kits or kits with dedicated controller:

These kits often are the mostly used ones for the sheer fact that these do not need urine accumulation via a dedicated dropper, which might be too much of an ask at times. These pregnancy test tools can be directly exposed to the urine stream and with certain points in mind, are able to furnish extremely accurate results to women using it. The absorbent tip of the kit has to be presented to the urine stream and henceforth, the result can be viewed in the display screen. The kits which come with dedicated controllers are bit tricky to work with, all due to the simple fact that these bear dedicated controls and these controls can never be exposed to the urine streams as done with the other forms of kits. Therefore much care needs to be undertaken to handle these kits, which are relatively expensive in comparison to the other ones. However, though these are quite expensive in comparison, these bear the highest efficiency ratio.

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