The Best Natural Health & Beauty Products that you can Make

It’s great news for you because there are Natural Health&BeautyProducts that you can make at home. You can save so much with the natural ingredients that you can use to stay healthy and beautiful. We are sharing with you the secret in making very easy remedies for your health and beauty. These tips that we are going to share came from years of research. It is always best to use natural ingredients rather than using toxic ingredients and undergoing invasive procedures. The best thing about following our tips is that you are going to use the power of nature to feel healthy and beautiful.

How to take care of the stressed puffy eyes

You will be amazed that it is easy to get rid of those puffy eyes to make you captivatingly beautiful.  This is one of the natural Health & Beauty Products that will make you as pretty as you can be. The only thing you need as a remedy is tea bags which are chilled. The first step is to them dip into hot water for a minute. The tea bags may vary according to what is available in your home. Chamomile tea is good as well as black tea and green tea. They have the natural ingredients in eliminating the puffiness in your eyes. After you have dipped the tea bags into the hot water for a minute, remove it and place it into a bowl and chill it in the refrigerator. The tea bags that were chilled in the refrigerator is now ready to be placed on your eyes with the eyelid closed. Leave the teabags on your eyes for 5 minutes or you can go for 15 minutes if it is so puffy. See the difference and you will be surprised that you will see a prettier you infront of the mirror.

You can Brighten Those Lips with Coconut Oil and Raspberries

It would be amazing for you to hear that you can have kissable lips by using natural ingredients such as coconut oil and raspberries. One of the features of the face that attracts the opposite sex are the lips. Your lips say so much about your personality, most especially when you smile. Darkness on the lips can happen because of excessive smoking and eating some food that leavesa stain on your mouth. Drinking coffee may contribute in darkening of the lips. The procedure to make the remedy to brighten the lips starts with heating a saucepan with low heat to liquefy 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. The next step is to remove it from heat and adding 4 raspberries, mashing it until it smoothens. Refrigerate the mixture until it becomes firm. Apply the mixture with clean fingers. When you continue applying this for a few days, you will notice that your lips will brighten.



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