Stephen Varanko Talks About The Demanding and Rigorous Training Process Of Navy Seals

The primary Special Operations force of the United States Navy, better known as the Navy SEALs are known to have carried out military operations dating way back to the Vietnam War. The roots of these troops, in fact, go way back in time. A lot of people dream of becoming a part of these elite combatants, and Stephen Varanko is among the very few who managed to get close to this dream. He was enlisted for the US Navy, and hence has a good idea about their training protocol and other aspects.  He mentions that the SEAL agents are majorly required to have a certain level of competency and capability that enables them to effectively carry out a host of specialized warfare operations in the land, air and sea.

Many have heard speculations and rumors about Navy SEALs training process, but not all of them are aware of the fact that more than seventy percent of these trainees drop out before its completion. Stephen Varanko says that this happens due to the extremely grueling training process these individuals have to endure.  Owing to the high severity of the operations they are required to be a part of; eventually, all Navy SEAL recruits have to undergo months of extremely demanding and rigorous training. These training processes tend to be specially designed to prepare them for any kind of challenges they might have to come across on their job.  In addition to being physically challenging, many of these tests take a toll on people mentally. Successfully completing them is not everyone’s cup of tea, and only the ones who have adequate mental and physical strength would be able to endure it.  All the SEAL recruits need to effectively prove themselves to be capable of surviving even the most perilous living conditions, in order to be selected for the forces. This is done as many of them might be appointed to carry out specialized operations for fighting terrorism in the future, and hence they have to be prepared to undertake such tasks.

After the initial selection of aspiring Navy SEALs, all of the candidates have to spend around two years or more in training.  This training process is extremely complex and of high pressure, according to Stephen Varanko. A number of tasks and activities are involved in their training process, the worst one being the “Hell Week” The hell week includes a range of tasks that have to be undertaken over a span of a five or six weeks. It takes place on the fourth week of phase 1 of the SEAL training. Throughout this entire task experience, the candidates have to be in almost constant motion, while successfully completing a range of assignments given to them. The Hell Week tasks are designed by experts to properly test and evaluate both the mental strength and physical capacity of the candidates.

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