Smart and intelligent Filtration Technologies that Work

With pollution levels going extremely high, liquids and air are no longer safe especially in some parts of the world. Getting air and liquids filtered whether in industrial or residential settings is important to minimize the millions of deaths caused by the intake of polluted air and liquids every year. There’re thousands of filtration companies and hundreds of tested filtration technologies Australia today. Finding the best filtration technology increases your chances of getting the best filtration product for your needs.

What Is Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is an internationally recognized and well-reputed manufacturer of filtration products suitable for use in the gas and liquid industries. They focus on creating high-performance and premium filters that get the work done without releasing high levels of toxins and pollutions.  What do Freudenberg filters stand out in?

  • Long service life
  • High functional dependability
  • Water and dust repellent coating
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Reliable performance
  • Unequaled reliability

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What Are Some of their Key Products?

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies specialize in the creation of cartridges, strainers, panel filters, and pleated bag cartridges ideal for industrial air pollution control. These are some of the products they make;

  • Filter panels—Filter panels are either square or rectangular and usually created of durable pleated filter media sealed with aluminum or galvanized frames. They typically have a metal guard on one of their sides and suitable for use in dust control, sweeper trucks, dust pre-filters, machine intakes, cabin air filtration, and air conditioning.
  • Inlet blower filters— these are designed intentionally for compressor and blower intakes. They can be used in bulk handling materials, industrial process air machines, and pneumatic conveyors.
  • Dust Collectors—these filters are designed to be used in industrial applications such as fire assay, woodwork, coating, sample prep, plasmas and laser cutting, and blasting.
  • Pleated bag cartridges—these bags are created in a vast range of materials and filter media. They’re crafted uniquely to the unique requirements of different dust collectors’ cell plate openings. The filters have superior seals made of galvanized insert cones and stainless steel snap bands. Their main applications include in the pharmaceutical, mining, ventilation, food and beverage, and bulk handling industries.
  • Coalescer filtration systems—these kinds of filters come in multiple configurations and sizes to match different refrigeration equipment functions. They’re mostly used in pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.
  • Pressurization units—these are specifically efficient and cost-effective solutions for preventing the entry of pollutants and dust into households. They are quite common in control rooms, marshaling stations, pump rooms, modern offices, telephone exchanges, storage rooms, pump rooms, residential houses, and commercial rental homes.
  • Strainers, pre-strainers, and oil filters—these types of filtration solutions come in multiple configurations and dimensions. They help protect coalescers and lengthen their life service.

Smart and intelligent filtration technologies Australia are the way to go to minimize environmental and household pollutions. These are some of the best filters from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, one of Australia’s most prominent manufacturers of air and liquid filtration systems. Check them out, and if you happen to like any of them, you can reach out to them via contact us here to place your order.

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