Reduce Carbon Footprint and Save Resources

The carbon footprint on the planet is growing daily. If you are new to the term “carbon footprint,” it refers to the amount of CO2 emissions related to any entity’s activities. These emissions also include the gases released into the environment when you drive a car or emissions needed for the consumption of any good or service on earth. It also consists of the amount of other greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere as well.

The need for you to reduce the carbon footprint

The USA, on its own, with just about 4% of the world’s population, contributes approximately 25% of the greenhouse gases in the world annually. This means that the average American makes about 20 tonnes of CO2 every year. Such large measures of carbon footprint have detrimental effects on the whole environment.

You can reduce carbon footprint by switching to greener alternatives. You can use solar power in your home over fossil fuels. You, with other citizens, can reduce the overall carbon footprint by changing incandescent bulbs. Instead, you can use compact fluorescent lights. This stops the emission of greenhouse gases largely.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint can deplete the natural resources of the nation

Large measures of carbon footprints deplete the natural resources of the Earth extensively. Activities like the use of the ait conditioning system at home to deforestation deplete the Earth’s natural resources.

When large carbon footprints are used, greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. This spurs the climate and its changes. It is prudent to reduce these emissions, and it is here that more trees have to be planted. Another step is to support efforts targeted at alternative energy that is more environmentally friendly.

How is cutting down of trees harming the environment?

Trees often need to be cut down to produce wood required for paper, construction, etc. However, logging along with other similar activities that destroy trees leads to a negative impact on the environment and ecosystem entirely.

When trees are cut down on large scales, this results in deforestation. The area is completely transformed. The terrain becomes deprived of vegetation, and the soil turns barren. Trees and plants make oxygen, and they absorb harmful greenhouse gases. Deforestation encourages global warming. The change in temperature adversely affects organisms that depend upon the ecosystem to survive.

From the above, it is evident that large measures of carbon footprint deplete natural resources and cause adverse effects in the environment. Being aware is the need of the day to reduce carbon footprint on the planet. You should avoid the use of paper and plastic products and choose reusable. You can downsize your purchases and be mindful as to what you need. You can start by finding a way to keep one item from the landfill. You can begin by continuing it in good condition. Repairing and up cycling the item when dismantled is an excellent way to start. Small efforts from your part go a long way to protect the environment.

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