Reasons why you should use a Vape Pen instead of a Cigarette and How it is better for your Health

Before we list some of the reasons why a person should use a vape pen instead of a cigarette, we first need to understand what vaping is.  In the simplest of terms, vaping is the act of inhaling a vapor typically from a vaporizer or an e-cigarette (electronic cigarette). An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated device that mimics the traditional cigarettes. An e-cigarette is manufactured using a couple of main components. These main components include a battery which can also be referred to as a mod and a Tank which is the material that is used to vaporize. Smoking is the term we use for traditional cigarettes, but vaping is the term we use for electronic cigarettes.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a device that ranges in size from a standard pen to a large cigar; people use vape pens to inhale heated glycol, propylene or vegetable glycerin and blow out the vapor. The working of a cigarette is easy because all you need to do is light the cigarette on fire and inhale the smoke from the cigarette. A vape pen on the other hand somehow more mysterious but practically simple. A vape pen has a heating element in it. The heating element in a vape pen is known as a convection oven or an atomizer.

This heating element has been designed to stay under the combustion temperature of the plant matter. The temperature of the plant matter is normally around 350° to 400° Fahrenheit when turned on. The compounds that are to be heated include wax, tobacco, oil or dry herb. These products are heated without burning, and only some of the chemicals from the product in pen turns into vapor. Nicotine is known to vaporize at a temperature that is lower than the combustion point, and this is the reason why vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. To learn more about vape pens visit the for more information.

Vape Pens advantages

When using vape pens, there is no particulate matter that goes into a person’s lungs. Therefore, vape pens reduce any respiratory inflammation. Vape pens do not produce some of the dangerous chemicals that are produced by conventional cigarettes at high combustion points such as hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, and carbon monoxide. Gases such as carbon monoxide are toxic to the lungs of an individual because they reduce the oxygen levels in the blood of a person. Another advantage of using vape pens is because the vapor from the vape pens is much purer than smoke. When smoking cannabis, 88 percent of the smoke produces is non-cannabinoids. By contrast, when you vaporize cannabis in a vape pen, 95 percent of the marijuana is cannabinoids, meaning the results from a vape pen are clearer.  Another reason why you need to opt to use vape pens is that the vapor from the vape pens does not affect bystanders. Smoking can affect people who are in the same environment as the person smoking. This is what is referred to as passive smoking. The vapor from the vape pen disseminates in the air quickly and has no scent.  To learn more advantages of using a vape pen, visit the

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