Pension Misselling claims are easy and quick

Are you curious to submit your pension mis-selling claims? There are just many like you who are now aware of mis-sold pensions and they look at various opportunities to claim their compensation. Financial mis-selling is very common in every country. In the 80’s and early 90s a lot of marketing tricks and tactics forced people to transfer their pension from the government to the private sector. And later it turned out to be a major scam and people realised and moved back to government pension schemes.

Many companies can easily mis-sell a pension scheme that is useless to the clients. However, you can now claim compensation. You can file a claim for any financial mis-selling. If you have suffered and have experienced damages due to mis-selling, you can easily apply for a claim.

Know if you have been mis-sold a pension

Before you think of claiming, you need to find out if you have any mis-sold pension schemes or any financial products. Did a pension adviser sell you a product that isn’t useful? Did they give you a scheme that doesn’t meet your requirements? Ask questions and find out if you know what your pension scheme is all about.

pension mis-selling

It is the responsibility of your advisor to inform you about the pension schemes. They should also take the initiative to give you products that add value to your investment, life and savings. You have the right to information and the advisor do not have the rights to sell you a scheme that is not useful to you. And most importantly, you don’t have to face actual damages. It is sufficient that you have a pension scheme that is totally irrelevant to you. An expert will be able to go through the information and provide you with some knowledge.

Most common cases of mis-selling

Did your financial advisor suddenly ask you to change the pension scheme? You need to look back, think and find out the real intention behind the transfer. Does it solve your problem? Does the new scheme satisfy your needs? Why are you moving to a new scheme? You need to ask a lot of questions before you actually move.

If you are in retirement or moving jobs, you may have to change the pension scheme from the employer to the private one. You need to be careful during the transfer and find out if it has any value.

Experts can assist you

IT’s a straight forward approach. An expert will understand your situation. He will analyse the products, scheme, your requirement and other sensitive information that are relevant to the case. Despite any complexities, they will be able to check if you have any pension mis-selling.

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