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Trying to reach a place where one has not visited before or finding out an address in a completely unknown state or locality was a tough thing to do in ancient days. Road signs and local people where the only sources to enquire from and that too were not so exact like things are now. The GPS services and maps have made it easy for the people to hop from one place to other without having to bother about any sort discomfort while travelling.

Google maps have been an extra ordinary application that operates with the GPS as its back bone and indicates directions and destinations as asked by the user. The satellite view, search for restaurants, petrol pumps on the way and other destination maps are all that is covered by the Google maps. Even the cab services run over the Google map app and hence the drivers find it easy to locate the pick- ups and drops and mark the routes etc. modernisation over the Google map has made the application even more suitable and user friendly.

GPS services and maps

Street view feature helps in displaying the panoramic view of the roads one is travelling on. It is not a satellite view but a panoramicview that allows people to see the exact locality, various turns and other things that is present by the roadside. One of the best thing about this feature is it has made the entire app more user friendly and easy to understand. People can even see traffic and take an alternate route in case the traffic is massive in some areas.

Some of the advantages of using Street view feature are as follows-

  • If offers the ease of mapping facilities t the users. One can save the maps in my maps and navigate accordingly.
  • The new interface is very easy to understand and is designed to meet the needs of the users without having much to set.
  • One can save directions.
  • The various views make it easy to navigate.
  • One can zoom in or zoom out to the perfect degree as needed to see the road view.
  • One can even zoom out on the traffic area to check the condition in details and mark the areas that have heavy traffic.
  • The application shows exact results and hence one can be tension free from any sort of errors in the directions shown.

No matter if you are visiting a place that is completely unknown to you or if you are lost somewhere and have no idea where to head to, just switch on the cell phone and open Google maps, turn the GPS on and let the device track your exact location. Once the location is traced one can enter the desired destination and then the Street view would display the route one needs to take to reach the destination. A Google map comes installed in most of the smart phones and one must keep the app updated so as to find directions of the desired destinations.

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