One of the Best Chalet Port Dickson in Malaysia

Looking for an exciting and luxurious kind of vacation? From the long week, you suddenly feel that you need a rest. Why don’t you try exploring Malaysia’s one of the finest resort in town. Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is located inside Port Dickson 46 km far from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It accommodates outdoor and indoor pool. Each chalet is accessible to WiFi. Book chalet port dickson in Malaysia now and witness the breathtaking view of Lexis Hibiscus.

Generally, Lexis group have three assets in Port Dickson – the Lexis Hibiscus, Lexis Suites Penang and the Grand Lexis. Their objective is to be one of the first resort that offers generous bigger size room that can occupy 2 king size bed with private pool and a steamer room. Its main amenities are approximately 639 guestrooms, 117 tower rooms and 522 seawater cabins.

Good food at Lexis Hibiscus

Your vacation escapade is incomplete without good food. There are various restaurants and cafe you can try while staying at the Resort. At Roselle Coffee House, they serve buffet during breakfast and dinner. During lunch, they serve single servings. They serve local and western type of dishes. One of the best seller is the Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaf. One of the reason why you should book chalet port dickson in Malaysia

book chalet port dickson in Malaysia

During fridays, there is BBQ Buffet Dinner. They grill fresh seafood and variety of meats on the spot. They actually cook lamb meat. Lamb chops are served tender and mouthwatering. It is one of the best experience in Lexis Hibiscus.

One of the most popular restaurant here in Lexis Hibiscus, the UMI Japanese Restaurant. They serve variety of Japanese food like tempura, sushi, sashimi and other Japanese food. They also serve buffet during weekends.

There is a bar located at Panorama Pool Villas, the Lighthouse Bar. It is located at the middle of hibiscus petals. The bar is surrounded opf glass windows, perfect spots to unwind while looking at the beautiful scenic places of Malaysia. They usually serves snacks and pastries.

Lastly, The Wave Dining – it serves western style of food. They also provide complimentary bread followed by butter and jams while waiting for your food. They serve hot and sumptuous food. You should book chalet port dickson in Malaysia, to experience the good food of the resort.


Aside from sumptuous food, Lexis Hibiscus is offering state-of-the art experience. Starting with huge guest rooms, wonderful scenic spots when you are checked-in Panorama villas, the chalets beneath sea waters. It is surely worth returning for, for its amazing facilities which is perfect for couples and family get together. If you want to check more of its amenities you can check it right on your internet and confidently you will book chalet port dickson in Malaysia.

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