New HD Movies Online: Watch Telugu Web Series Portraying Village Life

With COVID-19 shutting down theatres, the film industry had to resort to other means for showcasing their films and not going bankrupt. While the pandemic brought in many atrocities, it did help change the audience’s appeal from main-stream entertainment to content-rich productions portraying more serious topics and themes.

The pandemic just helped boost an already established community of creative people who enjoyed artistic freedom via OTT Platforms and Streaming platforms. They helped serve films and dramas different from main-stream entertainment and helped bring content to us amidst the pandemic. Keeping the flame of cinema and the energy of movie buffs going, we need to credit OTT Platforms for making our lockdown less boring.

With the advent of regional film-specific OTT Platform AHA, now you can enjoy a curated list of new, old, popular films from the Telugu industry. A search Telugu new movies watch online away, from experiencing the industry’s new trends known for its high budget, extravagant, entertainment-packed blockbusters. 

KothaPodaru is a new web series streaming on OTT Platform AHA, and if you enjoy shows more than films, this is a good choice to start with. KothaPodaru is an eleven episode runner series, a cinematic masterpiece that depicts the lush greenery and rural Telangana beauty. It will evoke a sense of nostalgia in the hearts of Telugu people and give an adventure to those from other regions.

Written and Directed by Anvesh Michael, who also stars as the main lead in the series, KothaPodaru stars Anvesh Michael, Raj Tirandas, JagadeeshPrathapBandariThanmai Bolt, and Sudhakar Reddy. With music by Smaran and Cinematography by Vaasu, the series was streamed on AHA on 26 January 2020.

The plot follows the life of Raju, a good-for-nothing son of Istharayya, a charming man with many wives. To sustain all his families, Istharayya takes loans from his friends one such loan he took from his friend, whose son Nethi Rajesh doesn’t get along with Raju. After his father’s death, Raju was tormented into paying off his debt to Nethi. He goes to Hyderabad in search of a job. Failing to find any, he gets caught up with his friend Mallesh in the mesh of weed smuggling. How he gets out of the impending danger and pays off his debt forms the rest of the plot.

KothaPodaru breaks from the stereotypes of casting high-class actors and gives rookies and newbies the platform to make a mark. It checks all the boxes in becoming an engaging web-series that shows the heart of Telangana, the rural lands and nature with good cinematography.

With good direction and praise-worthy performances from rookie actors, KothaPodaru doesn’t leave any stone unturned and pays immense detail in getting the dialects of rustic Telangana correct. With humorous dialogues, a groovy background and a musical score that brings the plot together, KothaPodaru is a new watch that is pleasing to the eye and taste of every drama buff.

If you are thinking where to watch it, then KothaPodaru is streaming on AHA. AHA is an OTT platform streaming Telugu films and series, including curated lists of new movies watch onlinewhich gives you the best sneak-peek of the vibrant industry.

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