Need to Renew Two Wheeler Insurance

Riding a two-wheeler on Indian roads requires a valid insurance policy as a mandatory requirement. Among the options available you can either buy a new policy  or renew the existing one before it expires.

What is the Need for Policy Renewal?

In general, an insurance renewal is the reinstatement of the length of time the two-wheeler insurance policy is effective. Accordingly, the policy renewal date is calculated when the previous policy took effect. Additionally, two wheeler insurance policy renewal date is also dependent on the length of policy period which could be 1 to 3 years.

Things to remember when policy renewal date is approaching-

Before the two-wheeler insurance policy is due for renewal, it is recommended to consider below points to get the best deals-

1) Review your existing two-wheeler policy to check for any discounts or coverage changes you would like to make

2) Check the unused No claim bonus (NCB), if any, to reduce premiums appropriately while renewing the policy

3) Make premium payment timely if you wish to continue the policy with the same service provider. This is particularly important during the policy renewals as few companies have strict guidelines for renewals with just a few days as grace period on renewals.

Easy Way of Renewing Your Insurance

Whether your two-wheeler policy renewal date is approaching or you’re worried about the hassles of the unlimited paperwork, technology has made it easier to renew two-wheeler insurance in few simple steps.

a) Compare the Available Options

To renew your two-wheeler insurance policy, the first and foremost step is to make a quick comparison of available plans from leading service providers. Once shortlisted, read the terms & conditions mentioned on the website or approach the insurance executive of the company to understand the exact process of renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy.

b) Get a Quote Before Selecting the Plan and Payment Option

When looking for various two-wheeler renewal options, it is always better to get a quote from the shortlisted service providers before choosing the final plan and payment option.

c) Use the Online Premium Calculation Tools

With the advancement of technology, there are multiple tools available online to compare different two-wheeler insurance policies and calculate the approximate premium amount just by entering a few basic details. Unlike the offline renewal mode, choosing online renewal mode is much more efficient and time-saving.

Why Choose Online Mode of Renewal

If you’re looking for fast, easy, and most convenient way to renew two-wheeler insurance, choose the online mode of renewal for several benefits that it offers. Some of these are discussed below-

a) The Benefit of Paperless Buying

The biggest advantage of renewing two-wheeler insurance online is cost-efficient, paperless buying in the virtual world. This also translates into lower premium cost benefit to the customers due to both distribution & cost efficiency. Moreover, the online mode allows the customers to make an informed decision by doing a thorough comparison of various features and prices of various policy options offered by different service providers.

At, you can access multiple two-wheeler insurance renewal options from different companies to weigh all the pros and cons before picking the best policy as per your needs.

b) Better Online Assistance

To make the process of two-wheeler online renewal process smooth and hassle-free for the customers, different insurance companies offer robust online assistance. The support is available in the form of easily accessible live chat option on the website where customers can reach out to seek query resolution or any other clarification in case of doubts.

c) The Advantage of Automated Client Servicing

Unlike the forced in-person sale at times, choosing to renew two wheeler insurance online is a quick and efficient servicing channel that allows both new buyers, as well as existing policyholders’, to make their own choice of buying insurance. It is an efficient automated service channel where you can-

-Go through the policy offerings in great detail

-Compare the premium quotes from various companies

-Enjoy the benefit of renewing the old policy in simple steps

-Pay premiums online

-Make online claims easily as well as track your insurance

d) Affordability

Last but not the least, two-wheeler insurance renewal online offers the advantage of affordable premiums and overall low cost. Online mode allows the insurance companies to save on both agents’ commissions and other overhead expenses which translates to affordable policies and low premiums for the customers.

Last Thoughts

Renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy allows you to cover the huge expenses for repairs in case of damage or injuries incurred during unfortunate road accidents, fire, theft or any other man-made/ natural disasters. With an easy online renewal process of various service providers at, you can easily renew your insurance plan as per your budget and specific requirements.

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