Mobile App Development Trends we Expect in 2019

Every year the many mobile app development voices of authority start predicting what they believe will be the trends to expect. Most of the time they get them right as well – but will they get them right this year? We are pretty confident but then again they have been known to get them wrong on occasion too!

Below we have listed the three most common trends that many believe could or should happen sometime in 2019.

Progressive Web Apps

As much as mobile websites have improved over the years – they are still too slow! This is a fact that is known by both users and developers the world over. Measures have been taken to address this over the past few years but it is quite clear that ‘hybrid’ apps had not been the solution that some people believed would be.

One idea that is believed to have a better chance of speeding up mobile websites is that of progressive web apps. This idea was first thought up by Alex Russell, an engineer at Google. A progressive app basically just starts out as a tab in Chrome and the more they are used the more they progressively act like apps. After continued use, they can be pinned to the home screen of phones and give users access to more app-like features such as notifications and the ability to be used offline.

Cloud Driven Apps

There is little doubt of the major role that cloud-technology played in mobile app development last year and this role are only going to increase in the next few years to come. Cloud-driven apps are practically essential these days to accommodate for the growing use of apps being used across different platforms and devices.

Cloud-driven apps have massive benefits for both users and developers with the former being able to reduce the size of the app due to cloud support and the latter being able to synchronize the app across their many devices and platforms such as αμερικανικό Netflix mobile HTML5 web app uses cloud-driven storage and streaming.

Mobile App Security

More than just expected, better mobile app security should be demanded in 2016. Since we use mobile devices to access the internet everyday it means that we store more of our user data in apps. This is a big concern for those that believe that mobile app security is nowhere near where it needs to be. It is also used for αμερικάνικο νετφλιχ when streaming foreign channels.

If you lose a users trust by failing them with your security, your brand reputation can take a massive hit. This is something that developers and platforms together have to seriously consider!

The three predicted trends above are certainly achievable for 2016 but it is still too early to see if any will be met. With plenty of the year to go, however, time will tell at some point before we then start predicting for 2020.

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