Mercedes ML 350 Bluetec Road Test 2013

When the engineers at Mercedes-Benz were given the mandate to create the third generation of the M-Class, there is no doubt that the guideline was to go soft with the changes.

The Mercedes ML pioneered the luxury SUV category, and has consistently enjoyed significant commercial success not only in Quebec, but in North America. Therefore, it was essential to renew the ML without however missing the features that make it so attractive to consumers.

If you pay any attention to other car cover on the road, you may have noticed that the mission seems successful. Indeed, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz ML is not rare on the roads of the beautiful province and if you go to visit our neighbors in Ontario or US, you will find the same situation.

In Quebec, the success of the M-Class is largely based on the ML 350 Bluetec, the most economical version of this SUV, equipped with a turbocharged 3.0-liter 240-horsepower engine. a titanic torque of 455 lb-ft, available from 1600 rpm.

Approximately four out of five Mercedes MLs sold in Canada are ML 350 Bluetec, a popularity that is explained in part by the increased fuel economy of this version, as well as the low price difference between the Bluetec version and the ML 350 equipped with a V6 engine.

Cockpit (8.0 / 10) If you already have a Merceces-Benz ML second generation, you will not be out of place when you take your place in the interior of the ML 350 Bluetec 2013. There of course were some changes both in terms ergonomic than aesthetic, but we can not talk about disconcerting changes. Moreover, some orders, especially those of air conditioning, seem to come directly from the older generation of ML.

That being said, we appreciate the refined and luxurious style of the cabin and the impression of solidity that it releases. Unlike Japanese manufacturers who sometimes tend to overload their interiors, German manufacturers prefer to rely on sobriety and elegance and the final result in the case of ML 350 Bluetec is successful.

However, you should expect to spend time flipping through the owner’s manual when you become a buyer of the Mercedes ML. The layout of some orders and the COMAND system, offered as standard, requires a certain acclimatization period.

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The storage space in the cabin is adequate, while the trunk is not only large, but intelligently designed so that you can house a variety of objects of all shapes.

If you plan to seat passengers in the back on a regular basis, be aware that the Mercedes ML 350 Bluetec offers generous head and shoulders clearance, while the available legroom is one of the widest in the industry. category.

Unlike the BMW X5, Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90, the Mercedes ML 350 Bluetec offers only 5 seats and therefore has no third row seats.On the Road (8.0 / 10) As soon as we hit the road, we are immediately surprised by the silence in the interior of the ML 350 Bluetec. There is almost no diesel engine, which is a feat in itself, while wind noise and bearings are almost nonexistent.

The seats are comfortable, the vibrations are reduced to zero, and the suspension takes good care of camouflaging the notorious imperfections of our road network. The result is a somewhat sanitized behavior certainly, but how pleasant and relaxing. To travel long distances on the highway, difficult to do better than the M-Class.

The diesel engine has ample torque to move incisively the 2,175 kg of this luxury SUV. As soon as you approach the accelerator, the engine response is immediate. The ML350 Bluetec performs the 0-100 km / h in 7.2 seconds, faster than the numbers announced by Mercedes for the ML 350 gasoline engine. On highway, the presence of the turbocharger ensures that the covers leave nothing to be desired and invariably gives a smile to the lips.That being said, the ML has disappointed us somewhat in dynamic driving. It’s no secret that the ML 350 Bluetec is not as sporty as the BMW X5 or the Porsche Cayenne for example, but it looks like the new generation of the M-Class is less agile than the previous version. The electromechanical direction is not very communicative, while the cash movements are present when pushing a little curve.

This is the only downside that we can bring to the driving of the ML 350 Bluetec 2013. It should also be noted that in everyday driving, you will not feel any major inconvenience with regard to the direction . It’s only when you want to have a little fun that the limits of this SUV are felt.\ In closing, be aware that the towing capacity of the Mercedes ML 350 Bluetec is 7,700 lbs, which is impressive for this category. If you have to tow a boat or trailer, the ML must be at the top of your list.


There are obviously more environmentally friendly sport utility vehicles than the Mercedes ML350 Bluetec. This does not prevent this utility from still look good in terms of fuel economy with a consumption of 10. 4 l / 100kms in the city, and 7.1 l / 100kms highway. The fuel economy is slightly higher than the BMW X5d, and substantially identical to the Porsche Cayenne Diesel.Another interesting fact is that Mercedes-Benz is the only car manufacturer to obtain an ISO Environmental Certificate, attesting to its compliance with a high standard in terms of the ecological aspects of the development, production and recycling cycle of its vehicles.


SUV buyers generally seek comfortable driving, a large and convenient interior volume, and often good towing capacity. The popularity of the Mercedes M-Class is largely due to the fact that it perfectly combines these three features like no other luxury SUV vehicle. On the other hand, if you want a more dynamic driving, it is necessary to look rather on the side of BMW and its X5, Porsche with its Cayenne, or Audi with its Q7 or Q5.

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