Let Your Jewellery Sparkle with These Quick Cleaning Tips

Gold, silver, platinum, pearls, white gold and also costume jewellery require some TCL for keeping it sparkle. Everyday dirt, sweat, soaps and lotion are some common things which are likely to clog prongs on the jewellery as well as make the stones flat. In order to make the baubles sparkle take a look at these quick cleaning tips.

  •       Silver- In order to remove tarnish from your silver jewellery, dissolve some liquid dish soap in warm water, dip a soft cloth, gently rub the jewellery, rinse it in cold water to buff. Finally wipe it with a soft cloth until dry. If the tarnish is heavy, add baking soda to water and apply the paste on the jewellery, rinse with cold water and buff dry. Do not rub it as the finish may wear off.
  •       Gold- You can give your rose gold jewellery pieces a bubble bath via adding a dish soap in bowl containing club water or seltzer water that is sodium-free. Place the jewellery in a strainer followed by placing it in a bowl and let it soak for some time. Swish it around carefully and clean the crevices and setting using a soft toothbrush. Then place it back to a strainer, rinse with cold water and wipe it with a soft cloth.

  •       Pearls- Pearls are porous in nature so loses its lustre easily. No matter it is faux, cultured or real, it needs to be cleaned with care. Place it on a very soft cloth, then dip a small, soft brush into a solution containing shampoo and warm water and take it over each pearl. Finally rinse it through a well-wrung, clean and damp cloth. Allow the strand to dry flat for preventing the pearl string from stretching. You can try this no-soak treatment on any porous real stone such as turquoise.
  •       Costume Jewellery- In case of costume jewellery having glued stones rather than set stones, dip a soft cloth in a bubbly solution made of water and dish detergent and wipe it gently on the grime and smudges. Finally rinse it using a cloth dipped in plain water. Following it pat dry the same and place it upside down to avoid moisture from soaking into the setting.
  •       White Gold or Platinum- Soak it in a solution made of mild dishwashing soap and warm water for a couple of minutes then brush it gently with a soft toothbrush and finally rinse in water. Pat dry.

These were your jewellery cleaning tips and if you wish to keep your jewellery pieces looking younger the technique is very simple. Remove a ring while applying hand cream/lotion/body oil or while washing the hands. Wipe perfume and body oils after wearing pearls. Silver jewellery will be shinier the more you wear it. Most importantly store your jewellery pieces in anti-tarnish bags for best results.

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