Learning the Benefits of Learning Japanese in Japan

Many important advantages to studying Japanese in Japan are overlooked in your home country. The main obstacle to learning Japanese quickly in other places is the lack of other people who want to learn the same way you do.

These deviations from the English language make it difficult to learn Japanese.

Japanese need about twice as many words, so you need to speak more to convey the same message. Taking all these reasons together, japanesepod101 is best learned in its home country. When you learn a language in its own country, you learn the mechanics of that language and its passion and the little things that make it what it is. In Japan, you will also learn about the country’s culture, art, history, and geography, as well as regional dialects. It is an essential aspect of understanding a language, not just translating or reading it.

You will learn to speak fluent Japanese with a Japanese accent and become familiar with the different dialects of this island nation. There is no point in learning to speak Japanese for your employer and then being unable to understand a characteristic accent. Children learn by listening to their parents and siblings talk, and by being surrounded by Japanese speakers during your stay in Japan, you will learn more consistently than if you were in college. You will not learn massive vocabulary lists, but you will listen to sounds and understand their meaning every day to learn them easily.

Visit Japanese restaurants and order food in Japanese. Shop in Japanese stores and order your merchandise, buy and read Japanese newspapers and magazines, and immerse yourself in the country’s language and culture. You will be taught functional Japanese, and you will be able to live in the country on your own, no matter who can help you with the language. Japanese is one of the world’s main languages. It is becoming increasingly important for import and export companies to hire native Japanese speakers. The Japanese respect Westerners who have taken the time to learn their language, especially if they have learned it correctly. Therefore, learning Japanese in Japan is the best and fastest way to learn a language, and you will learn to speak Japanese just like Japanese.


Understanding the language and the culture from which it originated is an important part of learning how to speak and write. It is a difficult language to write, and by studying it in Japan, you will be much more likely to learn to write correctly than if you were attending afternoon or evening classes at home.

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