Know Your Human Rights – Understand The Right To Freedom Of Religion!

Do you know how many wars people have fought in the name of religion? Every day you hear something unjust happening in the name of religion or caste, which is, in no way justified in any court of law. When people fight in the name of religion, they don’t realize that they are disrespecting their community as well. So, if you have gone through something of a similar sort, then know that it is in your right to follow whichever religion you want. It is called the right to freedom of religion. The fact that at times people don’t respect it shows how little regard they have for someone’s beliefs.

What is this right, and why is it important?

Religious liberty is a principle according to which every individual or community has the right to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance in private or public. This right is inclusive of factors, such as freedom to follow any religion, change in the community, and following whichever thought or ideology that the individual may deem right. This right proves that you are not bound, in any manner, to follow a particular religion. No individual, group, community, religious sector, and government can force you to follow a particular line of belief. If by any chance, you fall trapped in such a loophole, then you have every right to say no and even file a complaint about it.

 freedom of religion

Is there anyone who is currently fighting for such a serious crime?

Indeed, there is. Trolls on religious beliefs and ideologies are so common these days that people do not even feel like something wrong is happening. You will realize, that you might have fallen prey to such situations. You will understand that people keep making fun of these things without even realizing that they have made a fault. For such people, it is vital to know where they went wrong. Therefore, several organizations exist, which handle the internet trolling as well as real-life harm that people cause to individuals. These organizations not only spread awareness but also try to resolve conflicts, handle the arduous circumstances, and raise their voice against the injustice.

Can you also become an active member of such organizations?

Yes, you can. These agencies welcome you with open arms. In addition to that, they need more and more involvement and support in their movements. We believe that the young generation has a special power, you can spread your voice in every direction and gain success. People need more supporters in the world because hate cannot solve anything. Sometimes you need love and care to take control.

If you believe that the right to freedom of religion needs more volume, then become a member today!

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