Joseph Cianciotto- An Insight into The Popular Types of Advertisements for Promoting Your Business

Advertising is a common marketing tactic which business owners use to promote their products in the market. The objective of these owners is to spread awareness among customers about the existence of the products they sell. Through their campaigns, the owners even try to convince these customers of the need to buy their products. Only then can they expect to see an increase in sales revenues over a period of time. In the process, the owners build a brand image for their products in the minds of their targeted audience.

Joseph Cianciotto – What are the popular advertising channels which business owners can use?

Joseph Cianciotto is a successful advertisement executive from Long Island, New York. He is a Visual Communication graduate from Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout his illustrious career, Joe Cianciotto has held important posts in top advertising agencies in the city. These include DDB New York, D’Arcy Worldwide, and Translation. He has several years of valuable experience under his belt in launching promotional campaigns for Fortune 500 brands.  His clientele consists of popular international companies like Diet Pepsi, Reebok, ExxonMobil, Electrolux, NBA, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Unilever.

Advertising Channels

Joseph Cianciotto says business owners have the option to use various advertisement channels to promote their products in the market. There are several factors which business owners need to consider when choosing an advertisement channel. These include costs, coverage, the creditability of the channel, and the number of customers their campaign is likely to influence. Generally, the owners can use the following three popular advertisement channels:

1. Print Media

Business owners from many parts of the world have been advertising their brand products in newspapers and popular magazines for years. They generally spread their promotional message to their targeted audience through brochures. The editors of many of these newspapers set aside spaces in their publications for owners to advertise their products. The price these owners end up paying depends on many factors. These include the size of their content and page on which advertisement is to be published.

2. Broadcasting

In this channel of advertising, business owners transmit their promotional messages via television, on the Internet, or the radio. Through broadcast advertising, these owners can reach out to a large audience and convert them into potential customers. In broadcast advertising, the price the owners end up paying depends on two important factors. These include the length of their promotional campaigns and time they appear on a visual media channel.

3. Outdoor

In the outdoor advertisement, business owners make use of a wide variety of tools to attract the attention of their targeted audience. These could be in the form of kiosks, billboards, neon signs through which the owners can convey their promotional messages. The owners can even take advantage of popular events like tradeshows, fairs, and even exhibitions to showcase their products to potential customers.

Joseph Cianciotto states that business owners can reach out to a large targeted audience through advertising. They can opt to use print, broadcasting, and outdoor channels to promote their product to their customers. When it comes to choosing the right channel, owners need to take their costs, coverage, and creditability into consideration. Only then can they expect an increase in sales and better revenue for their business.

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