How to Turn Your Home into Floral Paradise?

Gaillardia or, as it is called by horticulturists, sun chamomile is a body decorative plant of the Aster family that came from the countries of America. There are also annual and perennial plant species. Gaillardia is not too subordinate to the conditions of cultivation, it is often a visitor of home gardens and cottages, and the height of a plant can reach 90 cm. Our garage door company mississauga will give you a few tips on how to turn your home into a floral paradise.

floral paradise

Dense and pubescent straight plants form a very dense lush bush. Elongated toothed leaves, which are usually shown at the end. During flowering, they throw long, thin flower stems with a single basket, formed from three teeth of red flowers placed on the edge, and tubular flowers of dark red tones – in the middle of the basket.

The flower can have a simple floral, semi-double, with two or three rows of flowers, as well as double with thickly expanded tubular middle tubes. The flowering of the sun chamomile is rich and long-lasting almost throughout the summer season. Gaillardia is appreciated for its resistance to frost and drought, and cut flowers will make a nice bouquet that will decorate any room for a long time.

What you need to know about planting

Long-standing gaillardia does not require much effort for planting and subsequent maintenance. It preferrs a temperature ranging from 12-24 degrees. Before planting gaillardia in the garden, it is advisable to drain the soil well and add organic and mineral fertilizers to the soil in small quantities.


A long-standing plant prefers a well-lit and open place for growth, so you should carefully select to plant it. The sunny soil is far from the plan. It is recommended that the place where the plants flourish illuminates the sunlight as long as possible. When planting gaillardia in the shade, the development of the plant will be weak, and the flowers – small and inconspicuous, without the usual light colors.

The type of soil is important for successful cultivation of gaillardia – it develops well in the light and nutritious soil of excessive moisture. Sandy soil is a great option for the plant. In order to create favorable conditions for the growth of this flower, ashy and rough sand should be introduced into the soil.

Scheme of planting gaillardia outdoors

The seedlings of the gaillardia are transplanted into the permanent place of cultivation according to a pattern of about 30 x 20, which will ensure that there is enough space for the development of shrubs and further care for grown plants. If it is necessary to create a thick planting from the broiler shrubs, 2-4 seedlings can be planted in one hole.

After successfully planting the flower, the next task of the gardeners is that the plants receive adequate attention and easy maintenance for favorable development in the open field. The main stages of care are the periodic release of soil around the plant, the removal of weeds, as well as watering and fertilizing the beds in which the plant is growing.

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