How to stay healthy when you work 60+ hours a week?

Working can cause devastation on the body, from stress eating toward the day’s end to being excessively drained from working throughout the day, making it impossible to work out. How is a person expected to be fit when they burn through 75% of their day sitting? It can be hard to find a balance between a healthy life and work life; however, it is possible to have a balanced life if you would just follow a few rules to be healthy.

Get moving at least once an hour:

Sitting for 40 hours a week is nowhere near healthy. Sometimes sitting for a long period of time can’t be avoided, so make sure you’re getting up at least once an hour to get your blood flowing.

Clean your workspace:

Think of all the germs sitting on your computer currently, everything you’ve touched during the day is sitting around your workspace, so make sure to wipe down your desk daily with a disinfecting wipe to disinfect your workspace and reduce your risk of getting sick. Also, make sure to have an organized desk; having papers and documents scattered everywhere will make your mind a mess, so stay organized with dividers and trays to have your work in place.

Drink lots of water:

 When you’re sitting all day, so are your muscles. When your muscles aren’t being constantly active, you lose them and start a slow cycle of becoming unfit. Make sure to drink plenty of water at work to help energize your muscles and keep them on their toes. Dehydration caused by not drinking enough water will also make your head hurt and feel fuzzy, which will keep you from working on your A game. Drink at least 8-10 glasses a day to stay healthy and feeling good.

Cut out fried food:

There’s nothing worse than eating a couple pieces of fried chicken, then going and sitting in bloated discomfort for 4+ hours. Fried food is loaded with fat, calories and salt. They can even lead to serious health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Avoid these issues by eating light and filling food at lunch, like a chicken salad or a tuna wrap.

Make sure to be active outside of work:

Think of all the physical activity you’re missing out on when you’re sitting at a desk all day. To make up for the light activity you engage in during the day, get in an hour of exercise at the gym when you get off work. Not only will you be fit and healthy, but your mood will improve tremendously at work with your endorphins pumping.

Be Social:

Just because you’re in a cubicle all day doesn’t mean you have to be a loner! Socialising is a crucial aspect of your health, so get to talking! Starting small talk at work can sometimes be awkward, so try bringing up topics you know everyone is in the know about. Talking with people at work can help fight off depression, and make you look forward to going to work.

Sit Straight:

Your grandmother wasn’t kidding when she said you need to sit up straight. Slouching at your desk and always hunching your back can mess up your posture permanently. Not only that, but research has shown that slouching may influence a person’s thoughts and feelings, whether that be positive or negative. While you’re sitting at work, focus on straightening your back.

Follow a simple diet with clear rules:

No liquid calories. Cut out all liquid calories, including soda, alcohol, juice, and added sugar/cream in your coffee. Also be wary of foods slathered in high-calorie sauces and condiments, such as sweet and sour sauce or mayonnaise. Include non-starchy vegetables with every meal. Eat them first, and eat as many as you can.

Apps for working out while you’re busy:

Apps like pocket yoga, Gympact, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal are helpful to keep you fit while working as you can take out some time at work and exercise using these apps. For apps like this you need large space and phones like the Panasonic India Smartphones (Eluga I7), Oppo A83, Gionee A1 are pocket-friendly, have large space for all the apps you need and good battery so you can be on the go without having to charge your phone every now and then.

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