How to choose Engagement rings


Engagement represents eternity and fulfilment in love between the two, and it plays a significant role in a relationship. It’s a lifetime commitment that one vows to the other in care, love and all the time and moments together. These engagement rings representthe wondrous and magnificent journey that the couple embarks when they promise to spare their lives together. Such beautiful engagement rings are to be chosen as a lifetime memory, and choosing one would be intimidating or even more, that too if you want it to be a surprise for your partner.

Picking or finding the ideal and suitable engagement ring which perfectly suits you as well as your partner requires a good investment of thought along with time. There are numerous factors that influence the choice that is made, which includes the following

  • Style of the diamond
  • Cut
  • Shape
  • Quality

All these factors can be recognised at SH jewellery Australia, and the team or the staff are happy to assist in making an excellent choice. They navigate the selection process of the engagement ring and ensure that the perfect ring is chosen for the couple. Follow the link to view more engagement rings, and check out more info regarding the same.


Browse through the catalogue to find more rings

SH jewellery’s exclusive diamond engagement rings are available online or in-store at the Springvale, Melbourne showroom. Check out the best and most refinedproducts and add beauty as well as memory to the special occasion. The most famous and bestselling engagement rings have been identified so that you can begin your search for the best in the collection.

The style of your ring defines its personality and meaning and should be the first thing you consider.SH jewellery rings are divided into categories based on design characteristics, enabling you to concentrate on the style and shape that best suits you.

Here are the types of engagement rings that are available,

Solitaire engagement rings are timeless with simplicity itself is essential;adding elegance to the diamond is on display every day.

Timeless diamonds are sided diamonds making a timeless and exquisite ring. Centre attention is given to the other gems, providing greater complexity and brilliance.

Halo is one of the kinds wherein centre stone embellishments add another style dimension of elegance, and the resulting form is a more well-lit ring than when worn.In addition, the double bevelled-rimmed design makes the diamond appear more prominent.

Three stone ringsare a ring that has three largest diamonds in the centre, the larger one on the inside.The construction details make the three-stone make it noteworthy

Modern rings collection offers head-turning rings with attractive designs.Typically these rings have more diamonds and are more noticed.


Choose the best-suited engagement ring and get sparkled with lovable, sweet and precious memories on the special day.

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