How to buy a good used car

When looking for financing opportunities for cars online, you can consider buying a used fixed asset. The secondary market offers a wide range, which is why leasing companies are open to the leasing of used cars, machines, and devices, but with age limitations.

leasing used cars

Most leasing companies offer used car finance and trucks with a capacity of up to 3.5t when the age of the car after the end of the leasing contract does not exceed 8 years. In other words, if you want to lease a car for 4 years, your age can not exceed 4 years at the time of purchase. Several leasing companies accept slightly older ones – after the end of the leasing contract the maximum age of the car is 10 years. At the time of purchase, the car can have a maximum of 7-8 years, with such a year a short lease is involved – for 2-3 years. Most often at least 10% of the first deposit is required, but you can also apply for a lower one.

Similar age restrictions apply to the leasing of trucks with a load capacity of more than 3.5t, truck tractors, trailers, and semi-trailers. Up to 10 years after the end of the leasing contract. Higher age limits apply to special vehicles with an appropriate annotation in the registration certificate. Here, the age of the car after the end of the contract extends up to 18 years.

How to buy a good car from the aftermarket?

It cannot be denied that buying a car from the aftermarket is an art. It’s easy to get into a bottle, especially since dishonest sellers do not lack … However, this does not mean you have to avoid using cars. Just buy, preferably with a varnish sensor and a friendly mechanic at your side.

The cars to be viewed must be started by reviewing the documentation, checking the validity date and the liability payment, VIN number, service book. If the documents are in order, it is time to check if the car’s condition is in accordance with the seller’s declarations. Never crashed car should have a similar thickness of the paint symmetrically on both sides (ie, for example, right and left front doors), all glass with the same serial number, precisely matched elements. The unpleasant history of the car can be seen by welding on posts, unusual work of hinges, the inaccurate joining of sheets in the interior of the luggage compartment.

If you do not want a nasty surprise, you can go to a seller who offers used cars with a guarantee. Thanks to this, even when something starts to fail, you are not alone with the problem!

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