Setting up the perfect network of devices in your home can be pretty confusing. Configuration of a proper system involves a lot of mechanical jargons and sudden exposure to them is nonetheless overwhelming. Zigbee vs Z-wave are two of the most talked about mechanical jargons in the world of smart homes and smart network of various devices.

There is no doubt about the fact that people tend to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the most these days but Zigbee and Z-wave are also gaining attention with the passage of time. Surely, there usage is not that vast, in comparison with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but they still count as two of the best smart networking systems for home devices. These are not new tech gadgets but they have not been able to gather immense attention either.

Zigbee vs Z-Wave; How do they work?

After comparing Zigbee vs Z-wave, it was quite evident that both these systems work somewhat identical. These two work by running a mesh networks. The individual devices on these mesh networks, share data amongst each other. Also, the lieu of each device that runs on these networks connects directly to the router.

In more direct words, on Z-wave and Zigbee networks, all the devices connected, talk to each other. On the contrary Bluetooth and Wi-Fi send data directly to the devices. Both these systems do differ in a lot of ways but they work through mesh networking system overall.

Majority of people get confused about which network they should choose for when it comes to pick between Zigbee and Z-wave. However, it really just depends on your needs and what you are looking for. These not so new tech gadgets are flourishing now and it is time to appreciate the different networking style and adapt it a bit too.


Once you take a complete insight to new technology gadgets like the Zigbee and Z-Wave, you will understand what you are actually looking forward to. You might have a preference after understanding how both of these systems work and that is just fine. You might overlook some features of the systems individually as well and go for one that you like the best overall. There are a lot of famous brands that support these systems like Samsung. Thus, you can rely upon them without any worries and make your home a smarter one.

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