First Time in Las Vegas? Here’s a Guide What to Do

So, you are about to step foot in this wild and insane town of Las Vegas. And soon, you’ll see you it yourself why. The boundless entertainment, casinos, hotels and dining options make Las Vegas a big play area waiting to be explored. Visiting Las Vegas For the first time can feel slightly overwhelming. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with more than 42 million visitors in 2018 alone. Here are some of the things shouldn’t miss on your first trip to the Sin City:

Take a selfie at the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign

Created in 1959, the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign is an iconic symbol for visitors like you. It is a photographic proof that you came to the Sin City. Of course, it’s free. So, take a picture and throw up some peace signs and say cheese!

Visit Bellagio Conservatory

Come and visit this lavish botanical garden. The Bellagio Conservatory sees 15,000-18,000 guests every day. Why? Because it is amazingly beautiful! You will see the most magnificent displays of flowers, animals, trees, and lights for free. they change floral displays 5 times each year, using 86000 flowers each season.

Watch the Bellagio Fountains

See the free fountain show while you’re at the Bellagio. It is one of the most shot attractions on the Strip. A wide variety of musical works are chosen for the fountain’s shows — from classical to popular music, and tunes from Broadway. The display reaches more than 1000 feet with water taking off as high as 460 feet into the air.

Chinese food las vegas strip

Be ready to eat

Las Vegas began as a cowboy town. Today, it has now evolved into a culinary destination with a wide variety of great places to drink and eat . From countless buffets to a wide range of international cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, and even Indian. Of course, you can also find the best chinese food las vegas strip to fill your Asian cuisine cravings. The restaurant scene in Vegas has become one of the best in the country.

See a show

Las Vegas offers world-class entertainment shows. You will never find a city with greater shows than in Las Vegas. They have marvelous acrobats, worldwide superstars and the best dancers on the planet. There are endless selections of shows in Vegas. For the first-timers, it could be difficult to determine what the best show actually is. So, it’s for you to discover.

Enjoy the nightlife on

Even if you are not a club person, there are still a lot of spots to take in nightlife other than a nightclub. Since this is your first time, why not check out a club even for once? Enjoy the music and drinks while the world’s hottest DJs dropping the beat.

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