Features That Make Odyssey VX-9 Projector to Last For Long

There are many brands of projectors out there today with virtually all of them claiming to be the best. It is unfortunate, however, that only very few of them can be trusted for reliability. Some outlets are even selling imitations that will never give you top value for money. Some brands are only in it for the money, and the projector they sell may not last for long. If you need a projector that will last for long and serve you well for years, then you are better off with Odyssey VX-9.  This projector is one of the many products manufactured by Odyssey Cinema Concepts, a leading manufacturing company in the technology industry. They have made an excellent name for themselves over the years and can be trusted to produce top quality at all times.

The Odyssey VX-9 is one of the many products that underscore the reliability of this company and its other brands. Some of the unique features you can find in this brand of odyssey projectors will be discussed below.

High level of compatibility

One of the features that make Odyssey VT 20 stand out is its high level of compatibility. It is compatible with several external devices so that you can play your videos with ease, irrespective of the brand of player device you have. The projector is compatible with the following external devices:

  • DVD so that you can view any DVD through the projector.
  • 3D experience.
  • HD, so that you can have a unique cinema experience in the comfort of your home at all times.

Aside from the devices mentioned above, this projector is equally compatible with gaming devices so that you can play your games through the screen of the projector. Imagine playing PES16 or later versions on the projector screen. The compatibility of gaming devices with the projector ensures you can capture all the moments and give you a feeling that you are directly participating in the game.

Various inputs

Aside from the wide compatibility, the project equally works with several inputs from gaming, TVs and even DVD players. It similarly has an input for SD Card and several other storage devices. The fun is, therefore, endless. It equally permits both audio and video inputs. The input cord is universal, which is one other unique feature that makes this projector to stand out.

Accessible accessories

Odyssey VX-9 is a high-end projector to say the fact, but its accessories are easily accessible. Does the projector develop any fault and you need to repair it? Not to worry; you can get many of the accessories from electronics stores around you.

Be that as it may, it is not advisable to change any of the accessories except you are trained to do so, or the company sanctions such a replacement. Replacing any of the accessories or repairing the projector when it is still within the warranty period will automatically forfeit the warranty benefits. 


Odyssey VX-9 is here to serve you and give you a unique experience of entertainment in the comfort of your home or elsewhere. The features are unique, and the projector is built to last for long.


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