Everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 business Managed services

Microsoft is offering various products that can be helpful to the business in managing its enterprise services. Some of them are licensed monthly and some can be subscribed annually. All these are offering many advance features that are coming with the home as well as personal editions of Microsoft 365. All this application is collaborative and the management tools that are designed for meeting the security and the compliance of the challenges which are enterprise is facing.

Microsoft Office 365

In the product lines of Microsoft, the office is as old as for almost 3 decades. The early version of this is combining the excel, word, and PowerPoint in one bundle. These all are coming with discounted rates. Now from 2011, office 365 is differing from this in 2 ways, first, it is licensed for monthly or annually as compared to the perpetual license. Second, it is coming with various other suites of online managed services which are including the business-class email and the file storage on the cloud. You will also get all the traditional desktop apps that are bundled in this package. This office 365 business premium is very easy to use.

Because this is a subscription-based, so those of the desktop programs which keep on updating automatically when any new version s available. If you are having the current subscription, then you will get all the latest versions which are typically kept on updating every six months and following the calendar of windows 10.

Microsoft Exchange Office 365 business

Office 365 is easily available in the home and personal editions that are developed by keeping in mind the use of students, families, and individuals.

In this guide, the various multitude of business and enterprise editions are covered. This edition is offering the advanced feature which is been set for the home and personal editions. There are also collaborative applications and various management tools which are designed for meeting various compliance and security for enterprises.

Online Services in Office 365

There is a mix of services and apps with office 365 subscription which are depending on the edition which you have chosen. The following services are common in all the enterprise and business plans.

Exchange Online

This business-class email offering every subscriber of office 365 in your organization the 50 GB of the space in the mailbox. This email can be accessed through the web browser as well. There is also an outlook application that can be installed on the windows, Mac and mobile devices. There are also span and malware filtering which is all built in the application. There are also basic features like shared mailboxes with office 365.

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