Just like what the old adage says, ‘prevention is better than cure’ that is why early screening and testing is essential to determine if you have symptoms of many types of cancer specifically lung cancer.

In this article, let me show you the importance of screening and testing in order for you to determine if you are positive with cancer so that it can be contained, as well as killing the cancer cells, and treating your body because if you do not undergo any screening or testing, the usual symptoms of lung cancer does not appear until it is on the advanced or the terminal stage, meaning it is already in the level that it cannot be cured anymore.

Self-diagnosis is the number one reason why a lot of people discovered their cancers in the later stage by mistakenly diagnose their illnesses to another disease or more often ignore it because of their fears of facing the disease and fight it.

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In an obvious manner, people who are smoking excessively or dependents to nicotine are the number one candidates to suffer lung cancer. In fact, some symptoms of lung cancer are discovered accidentally because of some results that were tested for other medical conditions. Most of the people who were accidentally diagnosed with lung cancer initially consulted a doctor for diagnosis due to cardiovascular diseases.

This is why screening and testing whenever you feel weird or uneasy or you have a cough that does not subside for a week or two, you should visit a doctor. There is no fear to be screened or tested because this is one way to find the disease and find a cure for it rather than wait until your body cannot recuperate anymore.

The medical technology nowadays provides doctors an easier way to detect an early stage of lung cancer with the most common screening comes through a low-dose CT scan which is proven to lower the risks of the patient of succumbing from this dreaded disease.

The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) proved that utilizing Low-dose CT scan at the patient’s chest for lung cancer screening to be effective because technically CT scans in the chest areas compared to other tests provides a more technical and detailed look or imagery of the patient’s lungs where doctors can easily detect and point out any abnormality of the patient’s lungs and it also has a lower radiation level making it relatively safer for the patient and does not require any surgeries.

To explain it in a simpler manner, screening means that a person must be tested for a disease to see if there are any symptoms that manifest in their system or to determine if they have any history of this disease and doctors’ best advice is to be screened and tested early so that if ever you possess any symptoms of lung cancer, they can easily treat it effectively. In Singapore, people can

The screening and testing for lung cancer are suitable for people who are heavy smokers, people who have a history in smoking who stopped smoking within the past 15 years and people who are between the ages 55 to 80 who have a history of nicotine dependence and smoking.

The Cancer Centre in Singapore is ready to serve patients who want to be screened and tested. It is part of the Singapore Medical Group Ltd. Patients can sign up for lung cancer screening Singapore Medical Group Ltd.’s The Cancer Centre during regular business hours.

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