Douglas A. Grady Helps People to Learn How to Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual property denotes a legal term that distinguishes exclusive rights of insubstantial assets. Some of the better-recognized IP types consist of patents, copyrights, trademarks, brands and also trade secrets, typically for intangible assets like art, music, inventions, symbols, designs and logos.

Record-keeping your intellectual property (IP) rights helps to spur invention by permitting creators to protect their assets, without any dread of imitation for a definite period of time. Thus, protecting it becomes significant to preserve the rights of artists and inventors.

Envisage if you shared your innovative idea with somebody and it was later replicated without your information. There is almost nothing you can do in this circumstance. Most importantly, the foremost goal is not to go public with your decision or talk about your idea to protect your intellectual property before you have really protected it.

You should bear in mind some notions given by Douglas A. Grady for protecting intellectual property.

It has the same ownership privileges as that of physical property and is significant to efficiently manage your intellectual property to safeguard that you get the best protection for your invention or idea.

Intellectual property can be sold, bought, owned or licensed in the similar way, as you would do for a physical property. It can demonstrate to be tremendously valuable to many businesses and in reality; many of them list it as properties in their balance sheets. It is also significant not only to guard the asset, but also to protect the processes, products, and creative inputs from which the ultimate idea has been produced.


If you have developed a boosted process or product that is inimitable, you may want to acquire a patent. The holder of a patent can stop any outside party from selling or replicating his invention for a definite period of time, depending on the sort of invention. It may be an intricate process, so it might be perfect to hire an authorized professional like Douglas A. Grady with understanding in patent law.


A copyright specifies protection for original works like literary, authorship, music, photography, drama, audio, video, software and other intellectual works. Copyright protection becomes applicable when the work is set in a perceptible medium. The proprietor should begin using the representation as soon as he obtains the copyright so as to let others know that he will be exercising his right over the display of the work or performance. It is always finest to consult with a lawyer to comprehend the pros and cons of copyright protection for your intellectual property.


Registering an emblem will aid to protect the name of your product by stopping others from selling any product under the identical or comparable name. It seeks to avoid misperception by preventing others from using a misleadingly parallel name for their products. The primary step in registering a trademark is to do a symbol search and safeguard that it does not by now exist. It is desirable to hire a lawyer Douglas A. Grady from Seattle who has involvement in intellectual property and can get the logo search and application process started for you.

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