DJ Rama – The Role Innovation Plays to Boost the Efficiency of Hotel Management

What makes a hotel successful? This is a question that every hotel owner or manager ponders on when it comes to getting a strategic edge in the market. Experts in the field say that one needs to be creative with fresh ideas and practices to grab a competitive edge. There are several hotels in the industry, and all of them offer the same basic services. However, what makes your hotel stand out is the question. It is here that innovation is the key and plays a vital role when it comes to driving business for any hotel chain. Owners and managers of every hotel should have a good strategy in place when it comes to boosting business. It is here that innovative techniques should be fresh and marketed effectively so that there is an inflow in the company’s profits consistently.

DJ Rama- The need for fresh innovation to drive hotel profits

DJ Rama is the Vice President at JHM Hotels in Greenville, South Carolina, in the USA. Known for his valuable experience and outstanding leadership skills in the hotel management industry, he is widely respected by his peers. He says that hotels need to have the right managers to stay ahead in the game. Irrespective of size, any hotel, big or small, can really grab a competitive edge in the market if it can play the cards of innovation well.

How does technology help you?

Gone are the days when hotels embraced manual tools to attract guests. In this digital age, it is crucial for every hotel to be tech-savvy. Hotel managers have a lot of manage and juggle. It makes sense to see what software tools are available to you. They help you to eradicate manual tasks and save precious time. Your hotel staff is freed from making maintaining books where records are written down. With the right software tools, every hotel owner and manager are able to delegate responsibilities better on the premises. The manpower resources are optimized, and this does go the extra mile in boosting the efficiency of the hotel’s businesses.

How can online marketing events lead to help?

You need to focus intensively on your digital marketing campaigns. Pick up the leads and see how well you can convert them into customers. Are you able to attract potential customers to your hotel effectively? Make sure you have re-targeting tools on your site to help you with your subsequent campaigns. With these tools, you are able to track all the visitors to your page. You can re-market promotional events and get another opportunity to market your hotel.

As put by DJ Rama with the right innovative tools and platforms, you can get a competitive edge in the market. Every hotel owner should invite feedback from their managers to evaluate business processes. They can innovate on practices followed in the hotel to invoke the trust of the guests. Regular guests can be given incentives so that they become loyal customers. These strategies need to be well planned and implemented at the right time with success!

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