Corporate Step Challenge- A Way Of Keeping Your Staff Motivated And Fit

Changing the notion that corporate business is just about making money, the corporate sector has come up with an innovative idea for its employees’ wellbeing. Because an active and healthy employee can contribute more to the business, and it brings some fun in the busy working schedule. The corporate step challenge is a wellness program introduced by many corporate companies and is becoming an indispensable part of the corporate work environment. 

Health benefits of a step challenge

 Working in a corporate company is everything but fun. With tight deadlines and work pressure, the employees tend to lose their interest in work and lag. The step challenge by companies can bring back the fun and activeness in the otherwise boring environment. It also has numerous health benefits:

  • Cardiovascular health is improved
  • Increases the immunity
  • Your bone strength is improved
  • Body fat is reduced
  • Endurance level is increased
  • Lots of common health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. are controlled

So with an active set of employees, the business tends to gain more because they are rejuvenated and more relaxed. 

corporate step challenge 

What is a step challenge all about? 

The step challenge is nothing but a small but important initiative by the company challenging its employees to compete with each other by walking a planned number of steps throughout the day. The corporate step challenge is monitored by a fitness tracking app that automatically keeps track of the number of steps an employee has walked all through the day.

The employees can also check the progress of his/her colleagues in the leader board of the app. This makes the employee more motivated and creates an air of competition to do better. This motivation and sense of competition reflect in the work environment too. This is a simple walking challenge with no age restrictions, and employees with health problems can also participate.

How can a company create a step challenge?

 With the wellbeing of an employee being prioritized, the company needs to educate its staff about the benefits of walking, and offer some reward or incentive for the winner. This will make the employees show interest in the challenge.

 The next step is to find a fitness app that keeps track of the employees’ steps in a day. The fitness app should have a leader board where the staff can keep track of each other’s progress. The corporate step challenge has everything that can motivate the employees to be competitive.

The work environment should not always be about work, but a little bit of fun can do wonders in the overall work capacity. And if the fun comes along with health benefits, then it can create a perfect work environment.

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