Common Pest Control Methods: Which One Is The Best For Your Home

Finding an infestation of pests in your home can be creepy and disturbing. They can damage your furniture, clothing, and health. Damage caused by these pests can affect the economy. Some of these species are dangerous for housing properties and even agriculture. There are several different pest control methods to take care of the situation.

Biological pest control

This is the most natural among all methods used today. It is very efficient in bed bug removal and in reducing the number of pests. What makes it great is that it does not leave any consequences for the rest of the environment. So how does this treatment work? You put substances, such as bacteria, to kill the pests. Biological pest control kills the dangerous species without harming any other aspect of nature.

Mechanical pest control

This method uses equipment and some devices. The most often used technique creates a protective barrier between the property and the pest. It removes and attacks the pests to prevent their spreading. There will be less further destruction. Removing anything that would lead to the spreading of the pests is crucial. It only takes a day or two before pests can find a place to stay and destroy your property. Get rid of still water to prevent more pests.

Common Pest Control Methods

Poisoned bait

This method is often effective for mice control. Its effectiveness has a dangerous side, though. Feeding rats the poisoned meat will get rid of them. That’s for sure. But, when a larger animal eats the dead meat, they will get infected. People can die from contact with the meat. Eating the animal who ate the same poisoned meat will also be fatal. You should not mess around with this method. Smaller kids can also pick up and eat the poison without you noticing it if you are not careful when placing them.

Field burning

A more traditional method of pest control, field burning will clean your field to the core. Make sure you do it after the harvest or you will end up wasting all your crops. Burning the whole field will kill all harmful species including eggs. Take necessary precaution when doing this method to avoid untoward incidents.

Trap cropping

It is the most strategic method available today. A trap crop is a plant that attracts pests. The aim is to distract the pests from other plants on the field and let them focus on the trap crop instead. The pests will circle around the trap crop, gathering many of them at once. It will be then easier to control them using other methods.


Almost anyone can use this common pest control method. Sprays that are simple to use are now available in the market. Some of these substances are harmful to the environment and can also damage your health.

Keeping your house clean is a great way of deterring pests. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it.

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