Common Cover Letter Mistakes You Probably Didn’t Know

You need to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate. This is the reason why you are sending cover letter together with your resume. A cover letter is your way of introducing yourself and encouraging the reader to read your attached resume. Many applicants do not include cover letter because they think that nobody is reading it.

Ignoring the cover letter will cost you the interview. If you really want to be selected, it is time to create an outstanding cover letter through However, before making one, you need to know common mistakes so you can avoid it. Here are the common cover letter mistakes you probably didn’t know:


Focusing too much on yourself

Many applicants make the mistake of focusing too much on their accomplishments. While it is good to reveal your accomplishment, you should know when it is too much. The company needs to know that you can do something for them.

Sharing all job details

The standard cover letter is just one page. If you share all job details of every job you have had, one page will never be enough. If the hiring manager reads this, it is possible that she will be bored. Putting too much detail can also look crowded and confusing. Instead of sharing all job details, highlight the experiences that are relevant to the position you are seeking.

Telling uncomfortable things

The hiring manager doesn’t need to know the struggles that you have faced. Do not go into why you were fired from a job or why you decided to resign and relocate. As a candidate, you need to focus on the now. Hiring managers want to know current information and telling uncomfortable things will only reflect your personality.

Keeping it long

Hiring managers do not like a novel-like cover letter. Without reading, she will get tired just by looking at it. Remember that most managers prefer a cover letter that is half a page or even less. The best thing to do is to keep your letter concise and straight to the point. There is no use making it look like a novel.


Having typing errors

This sounds simple but if you already sent many cover letters, sometimes it is exhausting to re-check every cover letter. With this, you just let the mistakes be and pray that they do not notice. You have to know that when hiring managers see a cover letter with typing errors, they automatically dismiss it because it speaks of your work ethic.

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