Checklist For Turning Your Horse Out When It’s Cold And Wet

Mother Nature has equipped horses with effective clothing so that they remain comfy and warm when it is cold and wet outside. But, you may also take some steps to keep them comfortable while turning the horses out. The best way to do that is getting turnout rugs meant specifically for horses. However, their long hairs keep them warm, and when the conditions are snowy, the natural oil of their bodies and the coat prevents moisture from reaching the skin. As the weather is changing and we see the onset of winters, you need to be more careful while travelling. Enhance travel safety by investing on regular trailer maintenance.

Basic rules you need to follow

Moving out with a horse during winters is almost the same as moving out with it any time of the year. The following are some tips to follow:

  • Check the trailer and make sure it is safe
  • The inoculation must be up-to-date
  • Use proper boots and shipping wraps in order to cover its four legs
  • Watch for probable signs of discomfort
  • It is important to carry a first aid kit and learn how to use it
  • Have backup supplies considering the length of the trip

Should you cover the horse with a blanket?

It is a very important decision you need to take before turning your horse out. If you blanket the horse, make sure the trailer is sufficiently ventilated. If you don’t do so, the trailer may be filled with toxic gas. Toxic air may result from gases of manure and urine, from the shavings, dust and hay.

Hydrate the horse

During winters, there can be serious dehydration, and so, it is necessary to hydrate it properly. Dehydration in horses can lead to colic as well. Horses are comfortable travelling under wet and cold conditions provided you take necessary steps. Water lost through perspiration needs to be replaced. If you dress up a horse properly, using thick blankets, it needs more water.

Carry blankets of various weights for they may be used when the weather changes. When it rains or snows, drive slowly, and make sure the vehicle has been maintained properly.

Use turnout rugs to combat cold and keep the horse dry and clean. It should be used when the horse is pasturing. Choose quality rugs that don’t need waterproofing often. It should be porous to allow sweat to evaporate. The rug must have pleats in the shoulder to allow comfortable movement.

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