Charles D’Angelo – How Can Self-Love Help You in Your Weight Loss Journey

Millions of people have self-esteem issues when it comes to obesity and weight. In the era of social media, where everyone looks so perfect, it is difficult for one to stay motivated and happy. Only a handful of people are comfortable with their bodies and the way they look. The majority have emotional issues, and the only thing they reach out to is food.

Breaking the unhealthy relationship with food

Charles D’Angelo is a celebrity weight loss coach in the USA. He is a widely respected personal transformation coach who helps his clients break their unhealthy relationship with food. He says that most clients lack the most crucial aspect of life-loving themselves. Weight loss involves an important mental aspect, without which it is practically impossible for you to lose weight and maintain it.

He says there are numerous cases where people have managed to lose weight under a mentor. However, after they leave their personal transformation coaches, they get back to food and gain the weight they lost double. This means that merely staying off food is not the solution. You might have the best eating plans customized for you. However, if you lack self-love, it really can be hard for you to stay fit and happy.

Weight Loss Journey

How can self-love improve your life, and what does it exactly mean?

Self-love is the process of catering to your own needs emotionally. It is like being your own best friend. Mentally and physically, you can listen to your body. You understand what it needs. It does not want to be fed unhealthy food or treated with neglect. Therefore, you notice your body revolts.

You feel tired, irritable, and you fall prey to illness. The toxins you consume accumulate in the body. It puts on weight, and movement becomes difficult. Life becomes miserable for some when they try everything but cannot get rid of the excess body fat. It can be heart-wrenching to see people suffer just because they lack self-love.

Bringing your weight and life back on track

You can bring your weight and life successfully back on track. You must treat your body with compassion and kindness. The mental aspect is a crucial part of your weight loss journey. Catering to all your emotional needs is all you require to begin.

Weight loss is a challenge that he understands as he has gone through the same struggle himself. He is now on a mission to help others like him. He regularly comes on television to connect with people and show them how weight loss can be conquered.

Charles D’Angelo has also given you helpful and reliable advice in his book, “Think and Grow Thin.” He has extensively given you a guide on eating plans with several inspirational weight stories of his clients. It starts with a relationship with yourself and not with food. When you master self-love, you can master just about anything you want in the world too!

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