Breaking News On Hackers Clever Wi-Fi Hotspot Scams

Internet scammers are taking advantage of our technological lifestyles and targeting out weaknesses, which is lack a lack of understanding in regards to internet security. By doing so there are millions of people every year suffering from identity theft, financial fraud, and some of these people are even using the hardware on our devices to achieve a goal.

These numbers are rising, and we need to look at the reasons as to why because if you read the news today, it is full of cyber theft and cybercrime. These are just the big cases of cybercrime that are reported, but what about the huge increase in reports of individuals being defrauded by hackers?

Technology is part of nearly all our lifestyles these days. Even your grandma or if you are already a grandma had a mobile phone. Maybe even a Facebook page and Whatsapp or Facetime for free internet chat calls. Modern color TVs that are now turning into smart TVs are flat screened or curved.

Even our cars have computers that warn us about an issue, time to get the car serviced, and helps us park with sensors telling us if we getting to close when trying to drive into a small parking space or down a narrow lane. No matter how you look at it, we are in a technological age that will only continue to advance. All of our lifestyles have adapted to technology even if at first we try to resist it.

One the problems are that even though it seems like technology has been around forever, well it hasn’t. The first smartphone came out only a decade ago. Broadband with high internet speeds is not more than 2 decades old. You would think that by now the world was tech savvy all over, but the truth is we are not all as tech-savvy as we would like to believe.

A perfect example of this is the rise in internet crimes, data theft, and even resource theft. Many of us have anti-virus software because we have all been hit by annoying viruses more than once leading us to eventually purchase anti-virus software – and I mean the paid version instead of relying on the free version all the time.

Well, newsflash. This has not been enough because now we need VPNs like the Migliori VPN. Anti-virus software can stop some virus files, but it cannot always stop a hacker. Especially one that knows his or her way around a particular anti-virus software. However, VPNs can protect us using encryption that most hackers will not even bother trying to hack. If anything, they will ignore it and look for easier targets to pick on. Yes, you have guessed it – the less tech-savvy of us unaware of the dangers of today’s public internet connections.

And here is the main newsflash. Most people are being hacked because they are connecting to any connection they can find to get onto the internet. What they don’t think about is whether their device is safe enough to withstand attacks from computer savvy cybercriminals.

As long as more people start to connect to the internet, and populations increase, the more the news will be printing statiscs that show a rise in financial theft via online fraud. On top of this, the more people will have spent a lof of money on their device that is not working as fast as it should be. Little do they know, there is a program installed picked up from an unsecure connection somewhere that is using the hardware on their device to help them mine crypto or power a networked system that helps hackers defraud more people.

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