About Canada Skilled Visa Points Calculator

About IRCC

There is an organization which works under Canadian government to hold the responsibilities of the immigrants. The name of this organization is Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It came into existence in year 1994. The things which are regulated by IRCC are:

  • This department is responsible for Citizenship of the people who are coming to Canada.
  • This department manages all immigration related matters and decision making of the immigrants from other countries.
  • This also takes into consideration the refugees who are living in Canada.

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

There is an act made by the government of Canada to manage the immigration that act is named as Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This act has classifies immigrants in the following classes:

  • Economic class
  • Refugees
  • Family class
  • Immigrants who require protection

About Canada skilled visa points calculator

According to the derived classes there is derived a procedure of selection which is followed. Canada immigration points test calculator is a procedure which is based on points system. The immigrant or the applicant must secure minimum of sixty seven points out of total of one hundred points on the selection grid criteria.

The basis of assigning points by Canada skilled visa points calculator is done by evaluating following criteria:

  • Education of the applicant is to be checked on which points are to be assigned.
  • Languages which an applicant knows to read, write and speak in.
  • Applicant’s experience is also evaluated.
  • Age of the applicant
  • Employment details of the applicant.
  • Qualities of adaptability of an applicant.

Each of the above discussed criterions is described

  • Points on Education basis:

Twenty five points can be earned by the applicant if he has Masters Degree or PhD. and the lowest points which are provided is to the one who has just qualified high school. He is given five points.

  • Points on Language evaluation:

The person who is proficient in both the languages which are official in Canada gets maximum score of twenty four points. In this evaluation process both written and oral test are to be attended and according to the respective performance the points are assigned.

  • Experience:

Maximum score which can be obtained from experience is twenty one. Minimum fifteen points can be obtained if applicant has one year experience.

  • Age:

Ten points is secured by the applicant if he is in the age 21 to 49.and if they are not in this range they lose two points for each year. So, age is also a factor which is important for visa approval.

  • Arranged employment:

Ten points are awarded to the applicant for permanent job under verification of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

  • Adaptability:

If applicant has spouse or relative or friend living in Canada, then he gets ten marks under this evaluation criteria.

Now you would have understood the complete process which is used to assign points using this calculator.

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